VivaSpot™with Clover POS

VivaSpot Intelligent Wi-Fi℠ together with the Clover Point of Sale (POS) solution is a powerful combination that drives customer traffic, intelligence, engagement, and transactions while lowering acquisition and operational costs for all businesses.
This intelligent combination of Wi-Fi and POS solution provides the following benefits:

  • Enable wireless payment processing through all methods (on the move or at the counter) using several different POS devices.
  • Build your customer database and gain more customer insight with the integrated VivaSpot Clover POS application.
  • Help pull in new prospects around your local business and automatically engage customers to strengthen loyalty and retention.
  • Incent customers for return visits and enable speedy discount redemptions to drive increased revenue.
  • Lower operational costs by providing a reliable, remotely-managed solution that ensures the proper Wi-Fi connections for staff, POS transactions, and Guests.

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