What is VivaSpot Wi-Fi?
VivaSpot is a cloud-based marketing platform that automates proximity, email, social media and text message marketing – boosting revenue, foot traffic and customer intelligence for SMB’s who manage single and multi-location stores.

Why should I offer Wi-Fi service to my customers?
Free Wi-Fi is an excellent opportunity to offer your customers a value-added service while at the same time connecting with them to gather customer data, feedback, and provide rewards to encourage more
business. A large percentage of your customers likely already connect to the internet on a personal device while at your location; why not take advantage of this opportunity? And no mobile app download is required greatly lowering a barrier to entry.

Is VivaSpot applicable to access by mobile devices in addition to larger devices such as PCs?
Most definitely. VivaSpot is actually targeted to capturing the opportunity for ALL mobile devices, not just for PC users. Today’s Smartphones have advanced Wi-Fi capabilities and will most often automatically connect (after the first login) when they return to your business location.

Is VivaSpot only applicable to certain businesses like Coffee Shops and Bookstores where people may bring PCs and “park” for some time?
No, the VivaSpot solution and opportunity is for ALL business types and sizes. If you have ever seen a customer access their mobile device in your business location, this solution is for you. You incentivize your customers to login the first time with a reward, and from that point on you will have better insight into their visits and loyalty.

What are the different VivaSpot plans offered for Clover merchants?
VivaSpot is currently offered in two different plans Standard and Advanced. The plans differ in the equipment provided, the features offered, and the data reporting capabilities.

What is the Standard Plan and who should use it?
The VivaSpot Standard Plan is ideal for smaller venues who are primarily looking to build their email address lists, offer some automated marketing, and get some basic insights data for customer traffic.

What is the Advanced Plan and who should use it?
The VivaSpot Advanced Plan is ideal for venues of all sizes who are looking to build their customer lists, offer automated marketing including reaching out to lost customers, getting customer feedback, and accessing advanced analytics on foot traffic at their business location.

Installation and Setup

What are the pre-requisites for my business location before installing the VivaSpot Wi-Fi Hardware?
Your business must have a pre-existing internet connection and internet service including the necessary internet modem. Generally, this internet service should be capable of providing a minimum of 50 connections simultaneously and a combined throughput of 100 Mbps. This will depend highly on your specific situation and can be monitored over time.

How do I sign up for and activate VivaSpot on Clover?
VivaSpot for Clover is available through the Clover App Market. Once downloaded onto the Clover terminal, the application will guide you through the setup process. The setup process includes ordering the VivaSpot Wi-Fi Access Point which you will connect and activate at your business location upon receipt.

What is provided with the VivaSpot Wi-Fi equipment?
The VivaSpot Wi-Fi equipment delivery will include the following material: Wi-Fi Access Point, power adapter, internet cable(s) as needed depending on the power adapter provided, installation instructions, and marketing promotion material to include Free Wi-Fi window stickers.

What if I already use a different Wi-Fi router for my business use?
Since VivaSpot provides a private business Wi-Fi network in addition to the Public Wi-Fi network, it is recommend that you replace your current Wi-Fi hardware (if applicable) with the VivaSpot Access Point hardware.

Are special skills required to install the VivaSpot Wi-Fi Hardware?
No, installing the Wi-Fi hardware is simple and instructions are provided. The location of the Wi-Fi Access Point hardware will depend largely on the size and layout of your venue as well as the location of your internet modem. Generally speaking, it is best to have your Access-Point wall mounted in an open area where your customers will be located. Once the VivaSpot Wi-Fi Access Point is mounted and cables connected, the Wi-Fi activation is fully automated based on our pre-configuration for your business.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Wi-Fi service safe for my customers?
The VivaSpot Wi-Fi offering is as safe as any other public Wi-Fi available. Furthermore, VivaSpot includes restrictions on the hardware which limit the capability of certain potentially harmful connection types. Filtering is also provided to ensure Customer’s use of your Wi-Fi does not include inappropriate content.

Is this Wi-Fi service safe for my business use?
VivaSpot allows you to configure a public Wi-Fi for your customers and a private Wi-Fi for your business use. Our equipment is PCI compliant which means that you can safely run payment processing over the private wireless network.

How do I see the results of my service?
You can view a snapshot of the performance data from your VivaSpot dashboard which is available through the Clover terminal application or through the VivaSpot portal (portal access credentials are provided after registration). Depending upon your subscription plan, you will have different levels of current and historical access to customer contact data, foot traffic data, engagement data (connections, email metrics, surveys, etc.), and reward redemption data. You also have the additional option of receiving a weekly email report providing a list a key metrics which you can view at your convenience.

Can I change plans after using a specific plan for some amount of time?
You can change subscription plans on the Clover App Market at any time by selecting VivaSpot Wi-Fi in the App Market and then changing the subscription plan. Please note that the equipment you received from your initial activation will remain the same.

How do I unsubscribe from VivaSpot?
You can unsubscribe from your VivaSpot subscription through the Clover App Market. Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for returning the VivaSpot equipment after cancelling your subscription in accordance with our Hardware Return Policy.

How do I get support for my VivaSpot Wi-Fi service?
Send us an email with any question or issues to support@vivaspot.com. Advanced Plan customers may also call us at 855-383-4662 between 9:00am-5:00pm EST