iValu8 Supports Charitable Donations with Causely

iValu8 and Causely are teaming up to help businesses give back to specific charities on behalf of their customers. Causely will make a donation to a world-class charity, such as FeedOne (which provides meals to millions of hungry children around the world), when those customers access WiFi through the VivaSpot™ Intelligent WiFi Solution.

In addition to creating enormous goodwill, businesses using VivaSpot™ will also see the following benefits:

  • Increase in customer base engagement
  • Increase in email collection
  • Increase in social media word-of-mouth marketing using Facebook Check-in
  • Increase in return foot traffic and coupon redemptions.

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Causely has already donated over $2 Million to its non-profit partners through
cause marketing campaigns with solutions like VivaSpot™ Intelligent WiFi

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