Guest WiFi can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy, but it can pose security risks to your Point of Sale and customer data if not handled properly. Here are a few examples of risks to avoid:

  • Rogue AP – an access point installed on your network without permission for the sole purpose of stealing consumer data
  • Illegal downloads – such as downloading movies and music from the BitTorrent network, which could result in fines
  • Non-PCI Compliance – Providing public access to the same wireless networks that your credit card data is transmitted over.

iValu8’s Vivaspot solution uses secure WiFi hotspots (from companies like Cisco Meraki, which are included FREE as part of your monthly subscription). Each access point is bundled with our SecureAlert service.

With SecureAlert, our operations center monitors the integrity of your WiFi network and will provide you alerts on security issues or abusive behavior. We will also work with you to block access to 1) adult sites, 2) dark sites or 3) high bandwidth gaming and video streaming sites. This will greatly reduce any liability and provide a safe, friendly atmosphere for your customers to enjoy.

Vivaspot with SecureAlert – a powerful marketing combination.


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