Google Business Profile (GBP) is one of the most important social media channels a restaurant and hospitality business can have.  According to Google, 70% of online experience starts with a search, and 77% of customers booking a restaurant, expect to book online.

So ask yourself.  When was the last time you updated your Google Business Profile?

It’s not just that properly managing your Google Business Profile keeps your restaurant relevant vs. your competition, it will also increase engagement and clicks that ultimately translates to more foot traffic.

It’s all about the Foot Traffic. With GBP and VivaSpot WiFi you will have a powerful combination in managing and driving foot traffic.

Vivaspot WiFi collects daily and hourly foot traffic

At a recent industry event, top GBP product development managers cited some interesting statistics:

  • Having a complete profile leads to 7X more clicks
  • Having high-quality photos to 90% more clicks and 42% more direction requests
  • Eighty-two percent (82%) of customers buy a dish because of how it looks in the photo

Customers are also becoming more specific to their restaurant search request

  • Searches for ‘Dog Friendly Restaurants’ have increased 200% YoY
  • Searches for ‘Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants’ have increased 200% YoY
  • Searches for ‘Top Rated Restaurants’ have increased 500% YoY

In addition, customers search by ‘Cuisine’ (e.g. Thai), by ‘Dish’ (e.g. Lobster Roll), and by Attribute (e.g. Watching Sports).  If you want your restaurant to be on the top of the search list, when customers are looking and clicking on Google.  Have your GBP set up and updated regularly.

One impactful new feature, introduced by GBP,  allows restaurants to place their menu, dishes, prices, and photos into their GBP Profile.  They expect that activating this feature alone will increase clicks on your profile by 90%.

Vivaspot is integrated with GBP and as a Vivaspot merchant, your customer foot traffic is captured and reported back to you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis through the Vivaspot Dashboard.  You can immediately see the specific GBP initiatives that lead to spikes in foot traffic at each of your locations.

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